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Feedly Labs has been a really interesting experience for us because it has helped us get a deeper understanding of who the Feedly community is and how we can better serve you going forward.

One of the insights we learned last fall is that the community seems to care deeply about typography.

Conversation with the Lab community about fonts. ITC Charter vs Merriweather

Based on that insight, we funded a project focused on giving you more control over fonts and font size through a close partnership with Monotype (one of the best foundries in the world).

Feedly and Monotype

Today, we are excited to announce the fruits of that project – which will be available on the Web today and on Mobile, next week.

ITC Charter
Mundo Sans and larger font size

Open Dyslexic Experiment

Dyslexia is also very close to our heart. People with dyslexia have normal intelligence and vision but might have difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding).

Open Dyslexic

Some fonts have been emerging which are designed around the common symptoms of dyslexia. We decided as part of the premium fonts project to add support for Open Dyslexic and see if switching to that font can help with the decoding or not. If you are suffering from Dyslexia and want to provide us feedback on how we could help make Feedly better, please join the Feedly Lab.

Google Noto and support for more languages

Last but not least, we are have added support for the Google Noto, which is a beautiful font which works well across lots of languages.

Google Noto

If you are consuming lots of international content and need a font preference that works across lots of languages, it might be a very good choice.

Pick what feels the most comfortable

On mobile, you can use the Aa menu which is available in the article viewer to change your font settings (and theme). On the web, you can go to your account settings > appearance.

Some fonts are free and they are available in the free Feedly Basic Plan. Some fonts are premium and they are part of the Feedly Pro and Feedly Team plans.

We love that the idea for this feature emerged from the Feedly Lab. If you love the Web and love reading and what to provide feedback and share ideas with the team, please join the Feedly Lab.

Happy reading!

-The Feedly Team

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