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We heard from lots of biopharma users that the Drugs topic could be improved and clarified, considering the different meanings it has.

We are excited to announce that you can now prioritize either pharmaceutical drugs or recreational drugs.

We have taught Leo to understand if an article is about pharma drugs or recreational ones to improve the relevance of his prioritization.

Let me show you how it works.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Let’s imagine that you have a Science Journals feed and want to track updates about drugs treating cancer. Let’s train Leo to read this feed and cut through the noise for you.

Click ‘Train Leo’ and search for the new #Drugs (pharmaceutical) topic
Leo knows how to recognize articles about pharmaceutical drugs

You can see a preview of all the articles that Leo has recognized as related to pharmaceutical drugs and cancer. These articles will be prioritized in your feed.

Recreational Drugs

Now, you can do the same with recreational drugs. Let’s say you want to prioritize articles that are at the intersection of recreational drugs and epilepsy.

Search for the new #Drugs (recreational) Leo topic

Leo will continuously learn and get smarter as he prioritizes articles about pharma drugs or recreational drugs, letting you focus on the topics and trends that matter to you.

After two months of Leo utilization, I can say that he saved us two of the three hours that we needed weekly to do our job, with the same or better quality. Really performant. Good job and long life to Leo ?

Jessyca Duer, UnitedHealth Group

Train your Leo now

We are excited to see many Feedly users declutter their feeds and dig deeper into the topics and trends that matter to them. Sign up today and discover what Leo can do for you!

If you are interested in learning more about Leo’s roadmap, you can join the Feedly Community Slack. 2020 will be a challenging year, but by staying informed, you can respond better and remain in control. 

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