Acoustic Drum Kit for Beginners

An acoustic drum kit is exactly what you think of when you hear the word “drums”. Starting out it can be hard to find the right option. You have to make sure you get something suitable in quality, price and features.

What to think about?

There are a few aspects to think about when buying a beginner acoustic drum kit. Quality is one thing, all the models I will recommend are suitable and up to scratch in terms of quality. Of course, the more you spend, the better the quality generally.

The two factors that are most important in my opinion are cost and longevity.

You want to make sure you get something suitable within budget. With this, if you’re thinking it will be a short-lived hobby, you don’t want to spend lots! Otherwise, if you are planning on taking the drums to heights as far as playing with others or performing, you want something which will be stage-ready!

So, the following kits are what I would recommend:

Rocket Junior Drum Kits.

The junior drum kits are ideal for younger players who want to learn the drums. Suitable for ages 5-10, dependent on size, they are a great early starting kit. Coming in two variants, the 3-piece and 5-piece kits, there are some good options.

The 3-piece kit is quite simple, great for learning the very basics, all while saving space! The 5-piece kit is essentially a full kit that has been scaled down. This is great for the younger drummer with big aspirations.

Of the two the 5-piece kit is a bit more substantial. It is more suitable for someone looking to take the drums quite seriously.

Rocket 5-Piece Acoustic Drum Kit

Like the junior models, Rocket make a full-size drum kit too! This is the traditional set up of two rack toms, a floor tom, snare drum and kick drum. With a crash cymbal and hi-hats too.

This is great for beginners as it is affordable, but doesn’t compromise on quality. It may not cut it on stage as much as the higher priced models, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t suffice if necessary!

Mapex Tornado Kit

A very popular option. The beginner kit made by the great drum manufacturers Mapex is another great choice. Still quite affordable, this kit boasts the same specification as the Rocket kit. The only real difference is slightly upgraded hardware.

This slightly upgraded hardware does make this a bit more of a suitable option for loftier aspirations, as the hardware is a bit more hardwearing. Though, the performance of the kit itself will be largely the same.

Tama Rhythm Mate Acoustic Drum Kit

The top end of the beginner kits that I would recommend. Tama offer their entry level kit, the Rhythm Mate kit.

Similar to the previous offerings, this has the same layout, alongside the renowned Tama build quality. Not only that, this kit comes with Zildjian Planet Z hi-hat and crash cymbals.

This kit would also hold up very well when played with others, on stage, or even in the studio. Compared to other options, it is more expensive, but this is reflected in the quality. An ideal solution for a dedicated learning drummer.

All the kits mentioned come with a drum stool, and all the hardware you need to set the kit up. So, they are all perfect for any beginner.

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