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Money Tree Bonsai StyleMoney trees, botanical name Pachira.   Like many other indoor plants, it require some sun light and periodically watering to keep healthy.  It can grow as tall as seven feet and expand three feet wide horizontally.

It is the plant that recommended by Feng Shui masters and practitioners for wealth and prosperity, due to the characteristic of five large green foliages on top of each thin branches which symbol five fundamental Feng Shui elements : Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth.  Therefore, Money Tree will be able to supplement and activate the missing or weak elements in the space base on Feng Shui principles.

Since this kind of plant symbolizes good wealth, nowadays, people believe not only it brings green color into your room, but also bring luck and fortune to any household, business or people you care.

Our Money Tree has been treated and cultivated under natural growing conditions according to Feng Shui methodology, therefore, their energy (Chi or Qi) are more powerful and robust.  So, it will not only bring fortune and wealth but also can activate energy stagnated corner or location.

Our designers will gladly to custom the design for your specific floral arrangement, for example we can plant it in a small clay pot and make it like a Bonsai.

So, order a Money Tree from us today, the fortune and wealth will always be there with you.


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