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Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena)Lucky Bamboo, botanical name Dracaena.  It is tough and resilient which does not require much of the direct sun light and can even grow in the place like bathroom where sun light is not available in most of the houses.  It is very easy to take care, only water is needed.

Lucky Bamboo is one of the plants that recommended by Feng Shui masters and practitioners for improve Feng Shui and create a space where you feel safe and more energized to meet the demands of today's high-pressured world.

Since this kind of plant symbolizes good luck, nowadays, people believe not only it brings green color into your room, but also bring fortune and prosperity to any household, business or people you care. Many occassion you can use lucky bamboo, such as wedding favor, party favor, baby shower, birthday, promotion, graduation, holidays celerbration, and etc.

Our Lucky Bamboo has been treated and cultivated under natural growing conditions according to Feng Shui methodology, therefore, their energy (Chi or Qi) are more powerful and robust.  So, it will not only bring luck and fortune but also can activate energy stagnated corner or location.

Taking care of Lucky bamboo is fairly easy and almost care free, all you have to do is to put it in clean water.  Lucky bamboo is very resilient, it preferred indoor environment with full light or without light, but avoid direct sun.

Our designers will gladly to custom the design for your specific needs, for example we can add phrases like "Happy Birthday", "Love", "Promotion" to our special hand painted pots and vases.

So, order a Lucky Bamboo pot from us today, the luck and fortune will always be there with you.


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