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Ba-GuaFenh Shui is a powerful techniques based on the principles of time-honored Chinese art and science of harmonious environmental energy. 

The art of Feng Shui is harnessing the natural forces of nature, to promote prosperity, harmony and vitality.   In Oriental countries, Feng Shui practitioners have strived to manipulate the metaphysical forces of nature known as 'Chi' to enhance their career, relationships and business success. Numerous successful people and multi-millionaires in Asian countries will gladly testify to the potent effects of Feng Shui in their lives.

Various live plants and objects has been introduced to Feng Shui practice for helping enhance "positive" Chi and counteract the "negative" Chi, therefore, luck, fortune, and wealth can be induced.  The most popular live plants and objects are Lucky Bamboo, Money Tree, Bonsai, Crystals, Silver Crystals, Diamonds, Gold, Old Coins, and etc.

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